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EMAIL ADDRESS : sales@scalemoto.com
PHYSICAL ADDRESS : 106 Kingfisher ave
    Elspark, Germiston

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Bike Safety Information

Learn Important Information Concerning Safety and Your New Bike.

Important Notice

 Your personal insurance policies may not cover bike accidents.  Please check with your insurance company or agent to make this determination.

Scalemoto will not be held responsible for any accidents, injury or death due to bike negligence, bike nonsense or breaking local street laws caused by the operator of any bike.  Please read this safety section in full concerning these matters.

  1. Always be sure to wear a helmet while riding your bike.
  2. Always wear protective knee and elbow padding while riding.
  3. Do not wear loose or torn clothing that may get caught in moving parts.
  4. Always check for loose nuts or bolts on your bike before riding.
  5. Always check tyres for proper inflation and make sure rims are secure.
  6. Always check brakes before riding.
  7. Always check the seat for tightness and proper height before riding.
  8. Never ride your bike in water, rain, snow or other bad weather situations.
  9. Never leave your bike unattended.
  10. Always check signal lights, brake lights and headlight for proper operation.
  11. Never ride your bike on sidewalks or in traffic of any kind.